Karoline Leonora Seidelin Banke
May 2023

Is an artist. She lives in Guinea Bissau comes from Denmark and graduated from Germany*. She is playing porcelain flutes and other instruments. She did a research on labyrinths and translation and she makes paper costumes and flower costumes and costumes of textile and clay. She worked for Nordisk Teater Laboratorium as a freelancer for four years. There she was the musical co-director of a Danish-South Korean production**. There she worked as an actress of physical theatre and she composed and co-created music in exchange with Korean traditional music. Recently she started the performance collective TWOTALLTALETELLERS with Julia Lykke and they went busking the streets as a part of an ongoing interest in collaborative forms of creation. Her praxis is situated in the intersection of theater, fine arts, music and text investigating non-linear narratives and sensibility towards non-human entities.